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(8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course)

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course! The interesting and thought-provoking material, having the opportunity and time to practice the exercises in a way that was stimulating and not rushed,

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Barbara    Sheffield, UK   
Barbara    Sheffield, UK   
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(8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course)

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course! The interesting and thought-provoking material, having the opportunity and time to practice the exercises in a way that was stimulating and not rushed, the interesting discussions everyone had throughout the course, as well as most of the ‘home experiments’ and exercises.

I was doing a lot of everyday activities automatically and in a hurry. By the end of the course I feel a bit more able to be aware of and to focus on what I am doing and what is happening around me, I find my everyday experiences richer. I feel more present and my days are no longer flying by without me noticing.

One definite impact I have noticed in terms of health is that the mindful attitude to eating, which I have learned to adopt, has helped me to improve my diet considerably. I also feel ‘happier’ in a sense that I am calmer, kinder to myself and more appreciative and capable of noticing and enjoying simple things, as well as the people around me.

It has been a valuable opportunity to learn more about myself and to get in touch with/be more aware of what is happening within and around me. I found it very useful to think about my values and how much what I do is (or isn’t) in line with them. I have also very much liked the parts about mindful acceptance and thoughts not being facts, which is helping me cope with difficult feelings and thoughts.

I think John, Joy and Loradog made a great team! The course was extremely well organised, I was really impressed by their time keeping and the amount they were able to cover in the sessions so thoroughly. They seemed to have worked very well together, it was well balanced, entertaining as well as educational. I also really liked the positive, friendly and personal atmosphere they managed to create and maintain throughout the sessions."

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Our Clients

We work with intelligent, independent-minded people, who are keen to learn how to get past difficulties and become more skilled at dealing with life’s problems. 

Many of these people are self-employed, business owners, and retired professionals.

Those who benefit most from our mindfulness coaching and therapy are people who’ve already tried to make changes but haven’t found the right kind of help yet. Our clients are self-motivated or sometimes even ‘driven’ to get past their difficulties. They are prepared to take on new ideas, skills and new strategies to get themselves unstuck.

Often they have tried self-help books or programs, or even hired therapists or coaches, but still struggle to get free from the same old difficulties. They’ve usually come to the conclusion that trying to fight, overcome, or just using sheer willpower to make changes, just cannot be sustained.

We work with people who value a common sense, practical approach to working with difficult emotions and situations; One that doesn’t require you to spend endless ages talking over all your problems and focussing on why they happened in the first place. Our aim is to help you live a rich, rewarding life as you learn to deal differently and more effectively with your problems.

Are any of these true for you?

You find it difficult to ask for help with ‘delicate’ issues. You regard yourself as a strong, capable solution-focussed person. You usually prefer to solve your own problems quickly, and you prefer not to let the people around you know your struggles. You also don’t want to go through the virtual torture of paying to see a professional who requires you to spend your valuable time focusing on your emotional weaknesses and problems.

You’ve been experiencing difficult emotions and feelings, like depression, or anxiety and you want to find a better way deal with them. You may even have been given a medical diagnosis and realised that it’s not helped you work out what you can practically do about it. Fighting, beating, battling and overcoming them using force of will is just not working. Just getting through the day seems quite a struggle, and you’re seriously looking for a better way to get past this constant struggle.

You’re going through a difficult and significant life change that you don’t feel emotionally equipped to deal with. You know difficult things happen to everybody but you just don’t have the head space or experience to know how to best deal with it.  Whatever the changes might relate to – loss, your work, family, illness, relationships, money, etc – you just need someone to help you navigate your way safely through it.

You find yourself frequently feeling flat and exhausted, with no apparent reason. You get less real pleasure from life as your mind is in constant battle with worries and concerns. You just want to get to a place where you can give your mind a rest so you can feel better and enjoy life more. 

Do you recognise yourself in any of the above?

If so, we may be the ideal people to help you get through your difficulties.

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