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The Article That Change My View … Of How to Cope With Anxiety

Being an anxiety sufferer isn’t a life sentence or the end of the world, even though sometimes it might seem this way. Many people are able to get past debilitating anxiety with the right help and changes in lifestyle habits.

For some it’s a doorway through which they can begin to help others to help others.

Here’s a great story about Andy Walton who helped himself get through anxiety and is now supporting veterans with mental health conditions.

This article is written by Sophie Zeldin-O’Neill, a membership community editor of The Guardian.

The article that change my view … of how to cope with anxiety

Andy Walton was flicking through the Guardian one January morning in 2011, when he came across the first article in a series called Start Happy. “It promised to help readers eat well, sleep well, exercise and find inner calm,” he recalls. “As someone who had struggled with anxiety for quite some time, it immediately caught my eye.”



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