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(8-week Mindfulness for Wellbeing Course)

“I had no experience of mindfulness or meditation and had been suffering with anxiety for a couple of years.

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Hannah    Sheffield, UK   
Hannah    Sheffield, UK   
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(8-week Mindfulness for Wellbeing Course)

“I had no experience of mindfulness or meditation and had been suffering with anxiety for a couple of years. I was slightly apprehensive about whether I would be able to sit still for about an hour and think about stuff, or not think about stuff. But John’s gentle, open and practical teaching style made me feel very much at ease and put my nerves to rest.

From the first week of the course onwards I have found that it has gifted me with the ability to actually be calm without having to in some way inebriate or exhaust myself; firstly with the Body scan which I looked forward to doing each day, and especially the mindfulness of breath.

Progressively each week I found that I was enjoying using the insights that I was taught. The mindfulness of breath is something that I now use every day. I have learned to recognise when anxious feelings arise that I can let them go and that being aware of my breathing helps massively.

As I continued to practice over the weeks I found that having the opportunity each week to discuss the weeks experiences of meditation with John very helpful. As a teacher myself I know that listening is a really important part of being an effective teacher; John clearly listened to me and his insights into my experiences were very illuminating and helpful.

I have missed the class since it finished, and am hoping that John will run some more soon that I can go to!”

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A Personal Perspective On Anxiety

Anxiety affects different people in different ways. The many common symptoms and signs vary, and most of them are unpleasant and can feel debilitating, or even life threatening, especially when they ‘sneak up on you unawares’.

There are endless resources available online regarding anxiety, its different forms, symptoms and remedies. The best way to understand it if you’re a sufferer, is to start noticing specifically how it  manifests in your own mind, body and life. Then you can learn how to calm down the symptoms one by one.

Specific symptoms that affect your breathing, digesion, heart rate and thoughts are often a sign that your ‘survival’ part of your brain is misinterpreting what’s actually happening around you, sending out false signals of panic and alarm.

In this fast-paced usually stressful world, most adults have experienced some symptoms of anxiety, so it’s more common than you might think. Furtunately, we now have some new, and better ways of dealing with it than were available even just a few years ago. Two of these are Mindfulness and Havening.

This article from Newstatesman highlights the author’s personal experience with anxiety, how he dealt with it and better controlled the situation.

Understanding anxiety – my inside view of a debilitating disorder and how to control it

As I stepped out of the office one evening after a routine day at work, I found myself glued to the floor. Legs bolted, knees quivering, heart racing – I was cemented into the ground by something paralysing. I had to work out what was happening, and fast.


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