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Sad Story of A Man’s Death through Trying to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a huge problem for so many people these days –  and people will take desperate measures to try and get rid of those constant overwhelming and debilitating feelings. This man died after taking a cocktail of ‘anxiety reducing’ drugs that caused his heart to fail.

It seems that hat he didn’t intend to take his own life, he voluntarily self-administered that medication to help him feel and sleep better.

Hopefully soon more people will be able to access more useful help for anxiety like the new therapy ‘Havening’, which uses a skilful system and combination of touch and talking to de-link painful emotions from specific thoughts and traumatic memories.

When more people can learn how to help themselves deal with anxiety, then hopefully there will be fewer fatal accidents like this.

Read the full story below.

Dad died after taking drugs to help relieve anxiety and insomnia

A FATHER who bought drugs “off the street” to help alleviate anxiety and insomnia died of a cardiac arrest caused by “multiple drug toxicity”, an inquest heard. Thomas Jackson, 28, of St Chad’s Road, Scunthorpe “did not realise the consequences of taking the medication,” Senior Coroner Paul Kelly said.


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