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Sheffield, UK
Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind Workshop

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Friday May 18th Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind

Location:The Ranmoor Parish Centre, Sheffield S10

Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind

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In this compact, practical stand-alone 3-hour workshop you’ll learn 2 powerful cutting edge tools to help with anxiety. The tools are grounded in an up-to-date understanding of what happens in a healthy brain when you’re anxious. They are aimed to help you get back in control when anxiety arises.

The majority of your time will be spent making sure you know how to effectively use these tools for yourself, when you need them. You’ll also have the knowledge to know which tool to use in your particular circumstances.

Both tools are based upon cutting-edge neuroscience research. Each tool works on a different brain system.

The first tool helps you develop the skill of ‘stepping out’ of your painful and difficult thoughts, allowing you to get control back of your thinking. This process is happening in the ‘new brain’ that all humans share.

The second tool is aimed at the ‘flight or fight’ centre in our brains, something we share with many animals. This region is responsible for the strong feelings and sensations you’re likely to experience when anxious. This tool allows you to quickly calm those feelings and sensations down.

Here are what some other delegates have said about this workshop:

“I particularly liked the focus on practice. I feel familiar enough with the techniques to go away and try them alone, even though some of it was quite challenging”

“I will be interested to apply these techniques to past traumas and anxiety-provoking situations when before I thought there was no practical way of controlling anxiety.”

The first tool “potential to be a simple and effective way to ground myself in my actual experience and act in the way I want to rather than being ruled by my emotions/neurotic habits.”

“Yes [I would recommend the workshop] – particularly to people of a highly anxious disposition.”

This workshop will be led by John Nolan and Tom Hewson


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