You feel like you’re amongst friends

"It’s a friendly, non-judgmental few hours. You feel like you’re amongst friends."

Sheffield, UK
Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind Workshop

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Joy Taylor

joy taylor - Joy TaylorJoy is a mindfulness teacher, therapeutic coach and holistic health practitioner. She combines her skills in Shiatsu, Craniosacral therapy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, NLP to provide the utlimate feel good therapy. She’s particularly interested in how to cultivate the the best mental, physical and environmental conditions for vibrant health and happy living. Mindfulness skills have been an essential part of her training and practice of the healing arts.

She loves to witness her clients and students changing and transforming into happier, more robust people. She approaches difficulties with a solidity, calmness and lightness that seems to transform solid problematic mountains into impermanent molehills.

Joy loves to laugh, dislikes being bored and usually has loads of interesting things going on in her life at the same time. She enjoys travelling, exploring and finding fun things to do that don’t involve eating too much and/or getting drunk. She loves having friends with diverse interests, beliefs and backgrounds as it makes life richer and more colourful.

Mindfulness played a key part in her being able to overcome M.E. in the early ’90’s. Practising has helped her to be more comfortable with ‘not doing’ and also helps her to squeeze maximum enjoyment out of previously mundane and ‘boring’ tasks.

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