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Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind Workshop

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It’s brilliant to be able to meditate…

Once you’ve learned how and you get into the habit of regular practice it can be life changing.

Meditation is fast becoming an essential survival skill for those who want to be ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’ more often.

Why meditate?

happy-manPeople who meditate tend to be much calmer, happier, friendlier and more resourceful than people who don’t.

Regular meditators often report that before learning to meditate, they were much more stressed, tired, irritable and grumpy.

So, why aren’t more people doing it? 

Well, the truth is, more and more people are looking to learn how to meditate. The problem is where do you start?

What’s your style?

There are many kinds and styles of meditation. Some are based around religious practices, some involve ‘new-agey’ visualisation, some are very simple and some extremely complicated.

We like it plain and simple!

We’ve spoken to loads of people who said they would love to meditate but they didn’t want to have to engage in religious, fantasy or other-worldy activities. They just wanted plain and simple Meditation training without any ‘airy fairy hippy dippy’ nonsense.

We offer the basic skills

If you’re going to learn to meditate, it makes sense to learn the basic skills from people who can explain and teach it well.

The basic skills are the solid foundations for your ongoing practice.

When you know the basics you can take your meditation practice in any direction you like. Without the basics learned well, you’ll always struggle in meditation.

We make it enjoyable

As far as we’re concerned, If you don’t find a way of enjoying it, you’ll never be motivated enough to practice it.

Some meditation trainings can be a bit like hard work. Our intention is to help you take the struggle out of your practice so it becomes your daily treat.

Meditation is really easy to do — when you know how!

The meditations we teach do not involve: 


Sitting with your legs platted in the full lotus position or some other impossible pose 



Holding your fingers in a weird positions and breathing slowly until you levitate



Controlling your beathing in superhuman ways





Interplanetary space travel




Visualising your ideal car/life/job until the universe gets the message and sends them to you


If you’re after some of the ‘funky meditation action’ above, then we’re not the teachers for you.

The meditations we teach will help you:

  • Get more in touch with who you are and how you are.
  • Find some really comfortable, easy meditation postures.
  • Be gentle within your own mind to create space for meditation.
  • Deal with any struggles or bodedom that you might experience.
  • Understand that you aren’t required to try and stop your thoughts or completely still your mind.
  • Create a simple structure in your busy life that finds you enough time to meditate.
  • Have realistic expectations around the time it takes to learn and master.

We help to create happy, confident meditators who enjoy their simple, regular meditation practice

Check our meditation courses here

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