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Meditation and Mindfulness: Finding Stillness in the Midst of Chaos

Our fast-paced digital age is amazing, however it’s not without its problems. Yes, we have convenient access to information when we need it. The flipside of this is that we are also bombarded with useless unformation trying to pull our attention like never before. Everything happens so quickly these days and the result is that our patience is getting shorter.

We’ve started to expect all things to happen quickly Gone are the days wherein we have to wait for weeks, sometimes months, to receive a reply from a friend or a family from another part of the globe. It’s also good because we can actually keep ourselves updated with the current happenings. Entertainment-wise, there’s literally a gazillion amount of contents out there waiting to be devoured.

But as we take the good, we also take the bad. It’s apparent convenience can easily be overshadowed with how it sometimes overcomplicates our lives. In the social media sphere, for example, unreliable news bits are often sensationalized, which oftentimes plunges the gullible into a fit of panic. 

Everything is going too fast and in the midst of all this pandemonium, we need to find stillness. This article discusses how meditation and mindfulness can work together to help us achieve the state of serenity we have all been wanting for.

The simple definitive guide to meditation and mindfulness | OUPblog

Life in the modern era is total chaos. From the constant outbursts of sound, to the ubiquitous bombardment of advertisements, to the racing taxi cabs, cars, and buses, to the sheer swarms of people, even a simple stroll in the city can be massively taxing on your sensory system.



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