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(8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course)

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to look at themselves with an open mind.

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Doug    Sheffield, UK   
Doug    Sheffield, UK   
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(8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course)

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is ready to look at themselves with an open mind. The approach is gentle, kind-hearted and non-dogmatic. You’re not being asked to believe anything –just to try it and see for yourself what it can do. It’s not self-centred – I’d say it encourages an attitude that’s kind to others as well as to yourself.

I’d had some previous experience of meditation and could recognise its value. This was the first time I’d done a structured course. Doing this, with the gentle self-discipline it encouraged, I was able to really experience the benefits of the Mindfulness approach, as well as acknowledge them intellectually. Before I started I had a few unhelpful tendencies – like getting irritated about my own and others’ shortcomings and getting overwhelmed with things I had to do (while not getting on and doing them).

At the end of the course I still have these tendencies, but (at least most of the time) I quickly notice them for what they are, recognising that I have a choice about how to react to whatever situation I find myself in. I generally feel I know myself better and am more in control of my life. I’m also better able to appreciate what’s around me in the present moment (including other people) - and more inclined to smile.

I liked that it was fairly challenging but with a discipline that resisted harshness. There was a kindness and good humour to it all.

I recognised too that this isn’t a once and for all fix. The benefits can dwindle if the practice is neglected.”

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Mental Wellness and Mindful Eating

Given how hectic our daily life can be, it’s no big surprise that we often squeeze a bit more work into our work lunch breaks. Then, when we’re at home, our meals are often accompanied with whatever is on TV. For most busy people in our fast-paced modern world, it’s unusual for mealtimes are to be given the importance they deserve. They are rarely upheld and kept clear from distractions. This takes away the real pleasure of enjoying eating our meals in a healthy, relaxed manner.

This article from the Huffington Post explores some of the adverse effects of so-called “mindless eating.”   Read and decide for yourself if it’s worth changing your eating habits to improve your health, mood and overall satisfaction with life. 

Check out the link below and find out how being truly present at mealtimes can help improve our physical as well as mental well-being.

3 Reasons to Serve Mindfulness With Your Next Meal

How often do you mindlessly shovel down your meal, focused on a blaring TV or a spreadsheet on your computer? For many of us, this scenario probably happens more times that we would like to admit. Our days are crammed full of to-dos and distractions, and it’s hard to take a break to sit and simply “be” with our meal.


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