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(8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course)

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is finding that life seems like a chain of events that has to be dealt with and managed;

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Laura    Sheffield, UK   
Laura    Sheffield, UK   
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(8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course)

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is finding that life seems like a chain of events that has to be dealt with and managed; anyone losing sight of direction or meaning in their lives, or simply anyone who wants to make some new friends with whom to consider experiences of life meaningfully and with a sense of humour!

Before the course I had recently experienced some big changes in my life, and was struggling to deal with things as they came. Instead I got tangled up scheduling a hectic work life which left little time for me to be at peace with my own thoughts. The future in its mundane details seemed to comprise all of my experience. This meant I was struggling to identify with both simple positive feelings as they arose and also crucial and complex feelings of grief.

After the 8 weeks I found that I could now look to a selection of different mindful approaches to practical and emotional obstacles which enabled me to cope with trying situations. I ended up appreciating the world around me and that I could 'work with it' as opposed to against it; planning became less consuming and the details that could trigger anxiety troubled me less. I think this was because the course offered a gestalt, neutralising perspective on life and encouraged us to revel in experience and see things simply as they are, instead of categorise and scrutinise.

I have certainly noticed that my self-awareness has increased such that I am much more likely to be able to recognise when my mind is behaving badly. This could be negative thought patterns or anxious planning, or anything else that is detrimental to my wellbeing. In doing so I am able to see the situation for what it is (usually unimportant) and relax, and cope more productively.

It’s surprised me how dramatically my attitude towards things was altered for the better if I maintained a steady practice regime. And therefore how quickly one ‘falls out of mindfulness’, if practice is neglected.

I found it valuable being able to employ mindfulness in short bursts to manage high stress situations, and talking about mindfulness in a down to earth way. I enjoyed the course and its accessibility, flexibility, and the opportunity to discuss.”

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How Mindfulness Helps Students Deal with Daily Stress

As time goes by, mindfulness in its many forms has become more than just a wellness fad. At work, business executives are introducing meditation to compensate for the stress experienced while on the job. Other institutions, like the police and armed forces are also starting to introduce it to help people become more resilient in highly stressful work situations.

Now many schools have started to include mindfulness in their timetable so that children can benefit too.  Here in UK, some schools are now teaching mindfulness techniques to their pupils. At Mindfulness Mavericks, we think teaching young people to learn this time tested wellness practice is a priceless gift that we wish we’d learned at an earlier age.

A few early results include teenagers becoming less anxious both at school and socially. At home, there are reports that they even become less argumentative with their parents! We do hope that mindfulness in schools becomes the norm. Why postpone the prospect of giving our young people valuable mental skills that can serve them for life?

Check the article from The Sun about how two students were using mindfulness techniques to deal with stress both from home and school.

We meet two students who use mindfulness to deal with exams and family arguments

IF your child tells you to stop shouting, pause and just “be”, try not to be too alarmed. More than 4,000 UK teachers are now qualified in classroom mindfulness. Headmaster Shaun Fenton has long been an advocate. Each tutor at his school, Reigate Grammar in Surrey, is trained to help children focus on their breathing.


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