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Is Mindfulness Just A Fad?

It is only relatively recently that mental health has been considered an integral part of our overall health. Historically, forms of behaviour like depression were even considered to be forms of madness or demonic possession. Today, these issues have been examined more closely. It is now recognised that a person’s well being consist of both physical and mental health.

On this note, many organisations all over the world have started to invest in mindfulness training for their employees. Practicing mindfulness can develop a person’s  focus and attention which in turn make them more productive in life. This consequently gives the person the feeling of self-fulfillment and promote a positive outlook in life and overall happiness.

A research study by The London School of Economics and Political Science points out, “We found that being present has made a big impact on performance, decision-making, and career longevity… Mindful people may effectively get smarter, just by having greater focus.”

Find out more about how mindfulness can directly affect our thinking, our health, and our disposition in life. This is truly a worthy read:

Mindfulness has big impacts for performance, decision making and career longevity

Mindfulness has become the rage these days, from Wall Street to Westminster Hall. The surge has inspired major organisations like Google, Virgin Atlantic, Barclays Bank, British Telecom, and UK Parliament to invest in employee mindfulness training. Some people think mindfulness may be a fad, and who could blame them?


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