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Mindfulness and Meditation Is More Than Just A Wellness Fad

It wouldn’t really be a big surprise if the person next to you has known or heard about Mindfulness. This massively usefull wellness skill has been in the spotlight lately and it’s got people from all walks of life giving it a go and enjoying the benefits.

Why is Mindfulness and Meditation popular?  Many say that it’s just another health trend that’s reached its peak of popularity and is expected to fade. However, we’ve learned from experience that mindfulness practice is to mental health what physical exercise is to our physical health – vitally important!

Here at Mindfulness Mavericks, we believe that the sudden peak of interest on Mindfulness has something to do with its effectiveness in dealing with the anxiety and stress – when learned properly, practiced, and then used appropriately.

Mindfulness is so much more than just a wellness fad because it does work on so many levels.

Check out this article below where it tackles the notion why Mindfulness and Meditation makes sense.

Why meditation and mindfulness are more than a wellness fad

Dr Jim Hegarty recalls a time when psychologists hid their books on meditation if they were expecting a visit from a colleague. Hegarty, a clinical psychologist based in Dunedin, dabbled in meditation during his 20s, having been inspired, like others of his generation, by the American television series, Kung Fu, to take up martial arts.


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