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Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind Workshop

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Is Mindfulness And Meditation Right For You?

What if there was a skill you could learn, that can give you a variety of benefits, resulting in making the whole of your life easier and more enjoyable?

Lawyer Jeena Cho found that she could deal more easily with difficult events, let go of unwanted habits, increase focus and productivity AND manage stress and anxiety more easily after learning and practicing mindfulness.

Maybe these things don’t really appeal to you, but if they do you might want to consider learning mindfulness and meditation too.

Click the ink below to read about Jeena’s experience of using mindfulness to help her deal with high levels of professional stress and anxiety

Is Mindfulness And Mediation Right For You?

As our meditation practice continues, more and more of our beliefs-perhaps even those that are very deeply held-reveal themselves to be based on reflexive thinking. We begin to hold all of our beliefs more lightly, approach the world from a more open stance, and even begin to take ourselves less seriously.


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