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Is Mindfulness About To Transform The UK?

Yesterday Mindfulness Mavericks very own John Nolan was interviewed on BBC radio to discuss possible government initiatives to use mindfulness to transform our workplaces and our health, education and criminal justice systems.

To listen click below –Mindfulness topic starts at 7 minutes
Click here to listen to the BBC Radio Sheffield talk about Mindfulness

Obviously we’re delighted to hear that a valuable life skill like mindfulness is being considered as ‘medicine’ for an ‘unhealthy’ set of social support systems.

The Mindfulness initiative presented its findings and recommendations to the government yesterday after bringing together scientists, practitioners, commissioners of services and policymakers, in a series of Parliamentary events to investigate areas of particular interest. These include:

  • Education: can mindfulness in schools influence classroom behaviour, attention and focus, help raise educational standards and support social mobility, and develop young people’s tools for well-being?
  • Healthcare: can mindfulness reduce the incidence of mental health problems such as depression, as well as reduce stress and cultivate care and compassion in health services?
  • Work: can mindfulness be a way to reduce stress and anxiety – and develop resilience, emotional intelligence and creativity – in the workplace?
  • Criminal Justice: can mindfulness be a way to tackle depression, anxiety, and stress in the criminal justice system and improve self-regulation amongst offenders?
  • Teaching standards: there is currently no formal accreditation process for mindfulness teachers. As interest in training grows, how can people be pointed towards good mindfulness teachers?

MindfulnessintheUKTo access the Mindful Nation UK report click here

We know that any positive changes in society take a long time to become recognised, taken seriously, installed and well established. Hopefully this represents the first major step forward towards a more mindful society that operates with inceased awareness, patience, kindness and focus on doing more of what works.

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