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Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind Workshop

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Mindfulness Classes Put Smiles On Faces at Yoga Centre

This month we completed our short course for beginners called ‘Meditation and mindfulness for busy people’

It was held at Louise Power’s wonderful Power of Yoga centre in Greenhill. Louise and I met a few years ago on a local  photography course and became good friends. I was delighted when she opened the new yoga studio in Greenhill. She’s created a great space for people to get away from their busy lives and ‘recreate’ their minds and bodies.

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Louise had been patiently asking me to teach at her centre for a while. She wanted me to run some classes teaching mindfulness and meditation for beginners as some of her regular clients were interested in learning more.  

I decided to run a 4-week series with the intention of flexing around the needs of the class on the day, rather than sticking to a rigid syllabus as we do on the full 8-week courses. Mindfulness is a very rich and vast subject to explore and experience, so I’m never short of relevant, interesting insights and exercises to share in response to questions. Also, I’m a great fan of accelerated learning and wanted to see how far people can transform with very little input.

We had ten lovely woman, all who were dealing with the ongoing stresses and challenges of working alongside looking after their family. For most of them, making time to look after themselves was incredibly hard.

Each week we did 2 short meditations and shared our experiences and insights relating to mindfulness practice. After the first class most people said how well they had slept. After the third people reported to be more relaxed and resilient around the chaos of everyday life.

It was inspiringzing to see how much the whole class changed in such a short time with so little formal practice. As a group they enjoyed each others successes. Even with so little free time everybody found they could fit in something small to help let go of the stresses they were carrying.

From my perspective at the front of the class, the biggest change was the facial expressions around the room. The stressed out frowns that seemed to be ‘last season’s must have accessories’ had been replaced by more gently relaxed smiles.

I’d like to thank the class for being such great and generous participants and hope that they continue to practice and reap the rewards of practising mindfulness.

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Thank you Joy, I have been amazed at my progress. Especially this last week. What would have previously been a very overwhelming time for me resulting in high levels of stress and anxiety actually ended up with me not only getting through it but making really positive progress at work with tangible results and dare I say it, I actually enjoyed it also!!


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