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We’re back from India – in body at least!

The Mindfulness Mavericks returned from India last month in 2 full pieces without mosquito bites or tummy bugs – Hooray for preventative medicine!

Since landing home we’ve both been thoroughly exhausted from the trip. Our physical difficulties (My tail bone injury and John’s blindness) made the 3-week trip gruellingly difficult for us. We accepted that the pilgrimage trip would mean we’d have next to no real rest and very little sleep. Throughout the journey we just got on with dealing with these conditions as best we could. It wasn’t a ‘nice’ experience like a holiday but it was well worth the effort! 

Joy sarnath tiredWe got to experience some of non-touristy real India and learn about new and old buddhism whilst practising our mindfulness skills in super-challenging circumstances.

We’ve had some great adventures that I’ll share in more detail later. For now I think it’s worth mentioning the inevitable challenge that hits after a prolonged period of stress…

The wall of tiredness!!!

You know the one, where your mind says “Yes I can do that” but your body says “Not a chance, I’m out of here Zzzzzz” 

In day’s gone by I’d have pushed through as I’ve had so much work to catch up with. This time I’ve had the courage to accept the real physical situation and allowed my body to rest and recharge properly. 

I’ve chosen to give my body the space and rest it needs to recover, instead of ‘pushing on with work’ to give my mind what it wants to feel in control.

There’s usually a whisper in the back of my mind when snoozing in the day that judges me as being lazy or decadent. I’m able to notice that, then let it go – as it’s not useful or kind.

I’ve lost count of how many times over the years I’ve taught this concept to clients with stress or chronic fatigue. What makes me happy is knowing that I still “walk my talk” and treat myself as well as I do my clients.

What’s been great since returning to Sheffield is noticing what a beautiful, clean, safe place we live in. The food’s been wonderful and the bed is safe, warm and soft. There are no signs of post-holiday blues, just sincere appreciation.

I’ll fill you in with more details of our Indian adventures soon. Until then, remember to allow yourself time to rest when you really need to. There’s no shame in it. Rest isn’t just for sick people, it’s wise to choose it sometimes whilst you still have the choice.bumpytrip blues




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