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(4-Week Mindfulness for Busy People Course)

“The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the classes was finishing them. I enjoyed being able to ask questions,

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Emma    Sheffield, UK   
Emma    Sheffield, UK   
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(4-Week Mindfulness for Busy People Course)

“The only thing I didn’t enjoy about the classes was finishing them. I enjoyed being able to ask questions, share experiences and not feel judged. Also importantly, the time spent explaining the concepts rather than diving straight into practice. I’ve learned actually how to meditate and what this means. The teacher was great – balanced structure well with interactivity and let it flow. A sensitive addition of humour too.

I’m surprised How much easier it has got naturally and what a huge impact mindfulness has had already in helping me address issues that I have tried through various therapies and other techniques for over a year.

The variety of techniques was great. Since practising I feel that I’m, happier, kinder, more patient, chilled out, be able to reframe and not get caught up in negative thoughts. I’ve learned patience, to switch off and think of today, to be happier and how to get back to sleep!

Thank you Joy, I have been amazed at my progress. Especially this last week - what would have previously been a very overwhelming time for me resulting in high levels of stress and anxiety actually ended up with me not only getting through it but making really positive progress at work with tangible results and dare I say it, I actually enjoyed it also!!”

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This page will give you some of our favourite resources on the topic of mindfulness.

Free online guided mindfulness audios.



Meditation timer for your phone.

Follow this link to find a handy timer for your smart phone. You can choose what sounds to start and end your session, you can even divide it into intervals.



Drop-in meditation classes in Sheffield

For those of you who would like to have a go at practising meditation with others in a welcoming atmosphere, the Sheffield Buddhist Centre have free lunchtime drop in classes in Walkley (Tuesday 1-2pm) and the city centre Union St Thursdays 12.30-13.20. Everybody is welcome.


Useful Books

If you would like to read more about mindfulness then here are some good books we have come across.

Full Catastrophe Living

This is the book that started the modern secular mindfulness movement. It has grown into a large book rich in material. Reading it and applying the material will certainly take your mindfulness to a much fuller level.

Arriving At Your Own Door: 108 Lessons In Mindfulness

This book is from the same author as full catastrophe living. It is one of those dip into books, lots of simple thoughts, great as a handy pocket resource.

The Miracle Of Mindfulness: The Classic Guide to Meditation by the World’s Most Revered Master (Classic Edition)

This is a short, very easy to read and quite accessible book on mindfulness. It is certainly one of my favourite reads, and I have visited it several times.



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