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Introduction to Calming An Anxious Mind Workshop

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Unified Mindfulness

As you can probably guess, mindfulness is an important tool we use when working with people. Whether that’s one-to-one clients all running small groups.

Historically to techniques have been used, you may have heard of them. They are the body scan and mindfulness of breathing. They’ve been taught the thousands of years so they are well understood. However they can take time for somebody to get into it and get benefits from it.

Today, other methods of helping people develop mindfulness have been developed. When I work with people using the therapeutic approach of ACT,  there are several techniques in  ACT that help people boost their mindfulness. However many people still want a technique they can use, in what is called formal practice. That is deliberately setting aside time to develop the skill.

A lot of the time I will use a new approach called Unified Mindfulness. It is very simple yet at the same time incredibly flexible.

If you wish to further develop this particular approach then there is a free website you can sign up for. It is absolutely free it is a clear training based on a series of videos that you work through. There will be questions to test your understanding it’s all very straightforward. As usual though you will receive further emails from these people if you sign up.

If you want to visit their website go here.

Unified Mindfulness


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