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How Can I Develop True Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is something that we learn to do, rather than something that we either have or don’t have. Many people have complex issues undermining their ability to confidently navigate the world. It’s far easier to have support in developing self-confidence skills than trying to figure them out for yourself. We can easily get ourselves tied up in knots in our own minds trying to work out how to drop our fears and confidently proceed in a well lived life.

This article has an example of one person’s cry for help to break out of the confidence trap.

How can I develop true self-confidence?

I am from a dysfunctional family where I was ignored, criticised and never given love or affection. I learned to be quiet, to never ask for anything – because no attention was better than criticism. My siblings were treated differently. I grew up treading on eggshells and learned that my needs were irrelevant.


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