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Increase Resilience To Stress Through Mindfulness

In today’s fast paced world, it might seem impossible to free yourself from an overwhelming amount of stressful responsibilities. Life is stressful but being exposed to stress isn’t always bad. In fact, a certain amount of stress helps us become more motivated to do our best. However, when stress becomes too overwhelming, it can damage our health.

Can mindfulness really increase our resilience towards stress? Stress in itself isn’t a problem, it’s how we respond to it that’s the key. It’s easy to feel as if we are drowning in stress, leading to long term health problems. If we learn how to mindfully ‘surf through’ stressful times, we can become more resilient.  Practicing mindfulness give us a clearer perspective of what’s happening around us, allowing us to be more resourceful.

In this video by Nour Foundation, they discuss how practicing mindfulness leads to faster recovery from a stress response. Jon Zabat-Zinn, a clinical mindfulness expert, said “When you cultivate mindfulness you add another dimension to the picture, giving you a more useful perspective”

Spare some time and watch the full video below.

All in all, you don’t have to let go of all your responsibilities to bring balance into your life, you just need to approach them differently. Mindfulness gives us a way to do that.


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