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Mindfulness Found Valuable for Breast Cancer Survivors

It goes without saying that it’s stressful to be diagnosed with breast cancer and to undergo treatment. When the ordeal is over and treatment is successful, it would be nice to think that people (men can get breast cancer too) are then free to enjoy life once again. Unfortunately this is the time that people then start worrying about the problems already caused, and the possibility of the cancer coming back again.

If these worries and fears aren’t managed they can then lead to other ongoing health problems like depression and sleep disturbances.

A study was done in the US where Breast cancer survivors participated in a 6-week mindfulness stress reduction program. It was found that participants experienced far less stress, fatigue and fear and depression as a result of practising mindfulness techniques.

To learn more about this visit the link below

Mindfulness program may reduce fear, fatigue for cancer survivors

(Reuters Health) – A tailored six-week mindfulness program may lead to small improvements in some physical and psychological symptoms that breast cancer survivors often experience, according to a new study.


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