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“I would recommend this course to learn how to be calmer and be reminded of the power of kindness to yourself as well as others....

Sheffield, UK
8-Week Mindfulness for Health & Happiness Course

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What’s it like to work with us?

We’re told by our clients that working with us is like a breath of fresh air! 

Maybe it’s because we listen carefully, and treat you and your issues skilfully, respectfully and kindly.

Our aim isn’t just to help you get rid of your problems. It’s to help you get past them to create a more rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful life.

“Nobody has ever listened or spoken with me like this before. It all makes sense now. Why couldn’t I have found you years ago?”

What we don’t do…

When you work with us we don’t let you get bogged down in endlessly talking and thinking about the details of your problems. 

We also won’t get you to to try and fight, beat, squash or battle with your problems.

Neither do we belittle your problems, pretend they don’t exist or disregard them as irrelevant. 

Instead we respectfully find out who you are and what your problems are, we honour the fact they’ve been difficult, then we help you change how you relate to them, so they don’t keep holding you back from living more happily now.

We do this by helping you to train your mind to notice and let go of unhelpful thought patterns, then refocus instead on what’s most useful for you at that time.

“I can’t believe how simple it’s been to let go of this anger and anxiety that I’ve struggled with for so long”

Our work is designed to teach you mindfulness and other valuable mental skills, and help you build them into powerful habits that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

Even though the issues and problems we deal with are incredibly important and serious, we keep sessions and ‘light’ and friendly. The focus will be on developing your skills and building them into your life, not upon deep therapeutic investigations of your past.

“I was dreading talking to anybody about how depressing and hard things have been, but when I’m with you I end up really enjoying the sessions. I feel like I’m clearing out lots of out of date rubbish in my life, and the process far less effort than I ever imagined”

What you can expect to happen

Life will get easier and more satisfying. When you learn to relate differently to life’s problems, many difficulties will just fall away and others will have less impact on your happiness. You’ll soon learn how to waste less time and energy on fruitless pursuits and refocus your attention around life-enhancing activities.

You’ll become more resilient. Life will always throw up problems for you. Stuff happens to all of us that we just can’t control. After working with us you’ll learn how to flex and go with the flow of change rather than snapping under the pressure. Instead of reacting stressfully to problems you’ll learn to respond to them in ways that lead to much better outcomes for you and those around you.

Our guiding values and beliefs

Mindfulness isn’t about dispassionately being in the moment. True mindfulness skills incorporate the attitudes of kindness, friendliness, warmth, compassion, patience, curiosity and acceptance. They help us deal with the reality of what’s going on, in our relationships and life, in a calm, skilful, honest, respectful and non-judgemental way.

It can be incredibly healing, in fact radically life changing to cultivate these attitudes towards ourselves and those around us. We orientate our own life and professional practice around these mindful attitudes because they correspond with our own personal and professional values.

Integrity. We ‘walk our talk’ by practising mindfulness, meditation and ‘value-led-living’ in our own lives. We’re not ‘Armchair travellers dishing out worldly advice’. We live our work and bring our own personal experiences to the table for the benefit of our clients.

Learning. We believe that to keep our work fresh and effective, it’s important to constantly improve our skills.  In addition to our CPD, we study and attend training courses on many related subjects, bringing a richness and efficacy to our work. We don’t cling on to doing what we’ve always done. Instead we’re happy to abandon old approaches when we can replace them with more effective techniques.

Smiling. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, even though we take our work very seriously.  We believe learning and changing can be enjoyable if we bring a sense of ‘fun’ and ‘play’ to the process. This means we don’t behave like ‘important stuffy professionals’. We’re just like you – regular human beings who aim to do our best, and sometimes make mistakes.




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