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Body Clock Linked To Mood Disorders

Increasingly people seem to demand their bodies and brains work like some automated machine.

If you’ve read anything on this site, you’ve probably realise that us, that is therapists, scientists, researchers, are finding working with how our brains and body works makes it much easier to make lasting changes. Too many people spend too much time fighting how the bodies and minds work rather than understanding it and taking advantage of the natural rhythms.

Recently I read an interesting book called When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing, and it is a study of how the daily, hourly and other rhythms in our body have a significant impact on how we are. Our emotional states, a productivity and just about every other aspect of our lives.

The article from the BBC below gives you an insight into how powerful it is to work with our bodies rhythms rather than trying to override them. Admittedly the challenge for most of us is the modern world seems to pretend these rhythms don’t exist.

If you’ve got any thoughts on this article please leave your comments below thank you.

The featured article below is written by James Gallagher, a health and science correspondent of BBC News.

Body clock linked to mood disorders

Disruption to the body’s internal clock may put people at increased risk of mood disorders, scientists say. A clock ticks in nearly every cell of the body. And they change how the tissues work in a daily rhythm.



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