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Complementary and Alternative Treatments to Alleviate Work-Related Stress

For decades now we have been told to eat healthily. However it’s only recently that most people have made the switch. The same is going to be true about taking actions to keep our minds healthy.

The article that I linked below is a part of that drip feed of ideas that may eventually change some people’s opinion and get them involved.

It is about some research where it is comparing the effectiveness of yoga and mindfulness over other approaches, it is focusing on people who are off work sick with stress so from that perspective is a good test.

The spoiler alert is yes they are beneficial.

My preference of the two is mindfulness, however I know many people get tremendous benefit from yoga as it takes them into their bodies which is what they seem to need.

This article is also drip feed to my mind about doing this type of activity. Although my preference would be Tai Chi. As yet there are very few studies of Tai Chi. I already take cardio exercise, me and the guide dog hurtle round the place. I also go to the gym (my guide dog Jim takes me to the gym, when I say this out loud this still makes me laugh).

I offer this article below to you as part of the drip feed to help you switch your thinking to doing yet another thing that will improve your health now and into the future.

The featured article below is written by Maor Bernshtein.

Complementary and alternative treatments to alleviate work-related stress – Medical News Bulletin | Health News and Medical Research

A recent randomized controlled trial looked at the effects of yoga and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for work-related stress. Work-related stress is common and often overwhelming. It may sometimes lead to a condition called “burnout”, or exhaustion syndrome. Burnout includes the inability to perform, as well as an overwhelming sense of exhaustion, with symptoms similar to …


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