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Do Meditation Apps Work?

This summary of meditation apps are for those of you who love technology.

Most of us can benefit from tools to assist us when we practice our formal mindfulness meditation sessions. Anything that can reduce the barrier to practising will help us.

I don’t use apps. I have an android tablet and I just say to it “set an alarm for…” whatever time I want. When I’m at home, I have one of these Amazon ECHO devices that again I can talk to .

Apps are great, however don’t let trying to find the perfect app get in the way of actually doing the practice.

How do you do your meditation? Do you use apps? How would you remember to do it? Please leave your comments below as they are likely to help other people.

The featured article below is written by Marry Ward, from The Sydney Morning Herald.

Do meditation apps work?

By Mary Ward Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size In a New York Times interview earlier this month, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds revealed he suffers from anxiety. “I have anxiety, I’ve always had anxiety,” he said.



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