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How Much Stress Is “Normal”?

It is highly likely that three years you have been hearing that stress is a problem for physical and mental health. However it is only recently that it is been possible to give clearer and better guidance on what to watch out for.

The article linked to below clearly lays out that it is not the events that are the issue but how everyone response to those events. These responses are based upon the person’s make up, previous experiences and past traumas.

From the Havening work that I do with clients, it is absolutely clear that the more bigger stressful events in their life, the more susceptible they are to stress today. This is one of the reasons why I find the Havening so useful with clients is that we can remove the emotional burden from these past events, so they are less stressed.

What has also become interesting is that we know that the health problems associated with stress are not so much linked with the big stress ores, such as separation of a relationship, job change and the like. The health problems come from the routine daily grind of small stressful acts like the irritating boss who is there every day, or the challenging drive to work every morning. It is these smaller events that add up to do the real damage.

For most of us, the solution is simple; the solution is to change how we think about and react to events in our daily lives. This is where mindfulness is incredibly useful for many people. In addition, some people also significantly benefit from a daily short meditation to help keep the mind calm. There are a few among us  who have had pasts that are so stressful, it is the emotional memories of these past events that keep being rekindled daily for them. Again this is where the Havening can be incredibly beneficial.

We have plenty of articles that might be of interest to you. Please feel free to take a look on the list below:

If someone important to you appears to be overly stressed, then perhaps giving them the gift of sending them, this article would be a kind and generous thing to do.

If you’d like more details then please read the article below.

The article below is written by Carolyn De Lorenzo.

This Is What It’s Like To Have A Disordered Response To Stress

Stress in life runs along a spectrum from the mundane, like being stuck in heavy traffic, to the profoundly traumatic – like experiencing sexual assault, domestic violence, or war. Stress can also be caused by significant life events like starting a…


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