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Mindfulness Is Key to Tinnitus Relief Research Reveals

If you have tinnitus then you definitely know what it is about. You’re aware of the effects, from that mild annoying background noise right through to all consuming sounds.

There seems to be no effective treatments to reduce tinnitus levels. The research article below used a well-established eight week mindfulness program called MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) to ineffective shift how people related to the tinnitus so that there were less emotions involved. Sometimes this is referred to as the second suffering. There’s the pain and then there’s the what we think of the pain.

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For your information, there are some things that you may be consuming that could be making tinnitus worse. For example, excessive stimulants like coffee. Furthermore, many medications have a side effect of increased tinnitus; this is especially true for painkillers.

If tinnitus is a problem for you, then I suggest you read the article below.

Mindfulness is key to tinnitus relief research reveals

New UK research has found that a new mindfulness based approach to tinnitus could transform the treatment of the condition.


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