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Quitting Facebook For Just 5 Days Can Make You Less Stressed, Research Shows

The research article linked in this post certainly has a headline designed to catch your attention. Designed to tie into many of our prejudices. However it’s not that clear-cut.

How you choose to use social media and how you choose to engage with it is as important.

A simple ‘on’ and ‘off’ is not a solution for most of us. People are finding better ways to engage with social media so that the negative aspects have less impact and the undoubted positive aspects can be enhanced.

This can vary from simple things like turning off notifications, or only having them on at limited times. Actively limiting on how long you spend on social media is another good strategy.

Thinking through beforehand what you want to do with social media, not just today but long term, it can be a great way of staying in contact with people from all over the planet, or people you rarely see. You can maintain a good quality relationship.

Other research suggests that two of the major causes of stress and anxiety are:

  • Aimlessly browsing around for hours getting sucked into inflammatory material that just sucks your time away.
  • Endlessly comparing yourself to others. Most people present the best possible picture of themselves.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The featured article below is written by Zameena Mejia, a News Associate at CNBC Make It.

Quitting Facebook for just 5 days can make you less stressed, research shows

Most technology and social media platforms are set up to steal your attention in little bursts of time throughout the day. But after a few minutes of scrolling through your Facebook feed turns into a few hours, you can end up feeling unproductive and unhappy.


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