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Sleep On It

If you are one of the many who has disturbed sleep then the research article I linked below will be no surprise to you.

The issue though is what can you do about poor sleep. We hear about sleep clinics and other such institutions so there is a sort of assumption that it must be easy to sort out sleep problems. The truth is that sleep clinics are good at finding those very rare things that can be impacting sleep however for the majority of us they actually have little to say.

Advice is usually around what is called sleep hygiene. That is the rituals before you go to bed and when you get up.

However, stressful demanding lives are always likely the culprit for sleep problems. Undoubtedly many have reported practising mindfulness, especially before going to bed, can be beneficial.

For some people the Self Havening technique of bedtime can also be beneficial.

If you have just been tolerating your sleep problems and haven’t done much about it then may I suggest a book by Paul McKenna called I Can Make You Sleep. It’s a very low cost book on Amazon and the hard copy comes with a CD and the Kindle version has a download of the same audios.

The featured article below is written by Kasmiah Mustapha.

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